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As a coach, I support you in getting back on the track, where you are in balance and harmony with yourself and your environment. This liberating state enables you to bring out what is beyond your maximum.

The effectiveness of my work with leaders and business actors lies in thorough planning and preparation, clear objectives, openness, new perspectives, empowerment, overcoming obstacles, and perseverance. With active presence and open spirit, I support my clients to live the most meaningful life, to discover their hidden resources, in short, to fulfill.

Coaching sessions ONLINE
60mins / session
  • Permanent mental resilience - A fix point in uncertainty
  • Resilience – flexibility, adaptability
  • Conscious leadership: assertiveness, leadership, teamwork
  • Time management
  • Work-life balance
  • Conflict management
  • Personal efficiency, flexibility, openness, self-confidence
  • Successes - satisfaction, loss processing
  • Organizational awareness
  • “Over the Peak” – I have achieved everything, haven't I?
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I'm Fanni Virág, consultant, coach.

The motivation of founding Stellium Consulting was my paved way, which led me to the consulting-coaching career. I have a university degree in Economics and Serbian-Croatian-Slovenian language and an executive diploma in the Art of diplomacy from Warsaw. I have had further trainings in organizational development and facilitation, business and team coaching within university and corporate framework.

I gained my diverse experience mainly in the diplomacy and in the energy sector by working at the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia and at Serbian, Hungarian and American energy trading / financial companies (EFT Zrt., KELER Zrt., Oil and Gas Development). Later I worked at the Atlantic Council in Washington DC on strengthening the Hungarian-American relations. I have capitalized on my commitment to sustainability on the GLOBSEC think tank forums in Bratislava. At a leadership workshop we worked with a coach which was such a defining experience for me that in a fraction of a moment I became aware - this is the direction that I was looking for, for many years: to support individual responsibility and awareness for our own and collective development.
My experience so far has integrated into the unknown-known path, because during my eventful professional journey I got a deep insight into the human and organizational dynamics, patterns and phenomena in various decision-making circles that on an individual and / or organizational level hinder or move us forward in achieving our goals.

I’m passionate about psychology, how changes in attitudes and mindsets affect the individual itself and its impact on its own environment, and what further changes the latter brings about in the life of the community or organization. It’s like a finely woven cobweb, at any point where change happens, it will affect every area. Looking at it this way, it is quite certain that the key to our individual and organizational development is the constant renewal, especially in this uncertain period of time, when maintaining internal stability, real values, openness and flexibility is key. In this I provide you development and clairvoyance, with full presence and open spirit.

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- Ákos Fodor

Thank you very much for your feedback!

Réka Ábrahám
Marketing specialist
"Working with Fanni was a special experience for me. She turned to me with understanding attention and empathy while guided by her well-directed, inspiring questions what helped me to see myself and my current life situation from the outside and from above.
With each conversation, my self-awareness increased, I became more and more confronted with myself and with my own self-imposed limitations. She was inspired, encouraged and showed new perspectives for important conclusions and decisions.
Through deep self-knowledge, Fanni came to the awareness that makes her truly authentic as a coach.
I couldn’t wait for the joint coaching sessions.
Thank you, Fanni! "
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Executive - Business coaching
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Team coaching
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Organizational Development
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Executive - Business Coaching
Coaching is an increasingly popular tool for achieving effective results, personal and professional development potentials, an important aspect of which is that the client develops his or her own solution with the active listening of the coach. During the conversations that unfold in the coaching process, we move with the client as a partner through solutions, may those be goals to be achieved, maintaining stability, work-life balance or obstacles to be overcome.

Awareness of obstacles and highlighting new perspectives will make it possible to develop a sustainable solution. We interpret the areas to be developed, the processing of obstacles through the whole personality and way of thinking of my client, highlighting the situations from which real lessons can be learnt. For this, finding an internal resource is key, as is guidance, support, understanding, acceptance, and feedback.

During the work with my business and private clients, a conscious, vigilant presence of mine, the values I represent and a completely personalized approach help to develop the real solutions from the interplay of personality, spatial energies, dynamics, thinking and attitude. The coaching process and methodology I offer create an opportunity to focus purely on ourselves and this focused attention allows us to find our own answers in the development processes and projects in the corporate and organizational environment.
Stellium Consulting Virág Fanni Executive team coaching service
Team Coaching
Team coaching is a development method that serves to process an actual topic or a problem of the team.

The method seeks solutions to issues that arise along group dynamics in the spirit of effective collaboration, conflict management and critical themes.
Stellium Consulting Virág Fanni Executive Organizational Development (OD) service
Organizational Development (OD)
Every organization is a complex, unique system that shapes its own culture, interprets itself.

At the same time, its complexity interacts with effectiveness (cooperation). In today's hectic world, it is especially important for companies to be able to adapt to constantly changing circumstances and needs.

That is why the system approach and the process consulting approach are given special emphasis in terms of organizational development, during which, in addition to continuous feedback, it is possible to react flexibly to the needs that arise in the organization.
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